Salvation’s Edge Raid

The Final Shape
✦ 1960+ Power required
The Final Shape Begins in Destiny 2
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Normal Completion
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Normal Completion on 3 Guardians
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Final Boss kill only on 3 Guardians
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To launch the raid, you MUST complete The Final Shape Campaign first!

The Final Shape Raid in Destiny 2 is poised to be a landmark event, marking the end of the Light and Darkness saga that has unfolded over the past decade. This raid, launching shortly after the expansion's release on June 7th, 2024, promises an epic showdown with the Witness within the enigmatic Traveler.

Key Points:

  • Unique Launch Timing: Bungie's decision to release the raid just three days after the expansion aims to deliver a more cohesive and impactful story experience.
  • The Witness Showdown: Players will finally confront the Witness, the ultimate antagonist of the saga, in a climactic battle that will shape the destiny of the Guardians.
  • Conclusion for Non-Raiders: Bungie has assured that even players who don't participate in the raid will have an opportunity to experience the saga's conclusion through alternative content after the raid's release.
  • Preparation Time: The short gap between the expansion and raid launch offers a thrilling challenge for players to quickly master the new content and gear up for the ultimate showdown.
  • Community Excitement: The Destiny 2 community is buzzing with anticipation, speculating on the raid's mechanics, rewards, and the potential impact on the game's future.

What to Expect:

Expect a challenging and rewarding raid experience that pushes players to their limits. The encounter with the Witness is likely to be a multi-stage battle with complex mechanics, requiring excellent teamwork and coordination.

As for rewards, players can anticipate powerful new weapons, armor, and cosmetics exclusive to the raid, making it a must-play for dedicated Guardians.

Beyond the Raid

While the raid concludes the Light and Darkness saga, it opens up a new chapter for Destiny 2. Bungie has announced a shift to an episodic format for future content releases, promising new stories, activities, and rewards in the years to come.

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The Final Shape Campaign completion.

1960+ Power Level. If your character has a lower Power Level please use our fast Power Leveling service

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