Season of the Splicer

Stop the Vex and bring daylight back to the last city.

Destiny 2’s newest season, the Season of the Splicer, begins May 11, and it tasks Guardians with protecting the Last City from the advances of the Vex. The new season runs until Aug. 24, and includes new weapons, new missions, and a trip back to a classic Destiny raid, The Vault of Glass.

Season of the Splicer is all about the Vex, who are making direct threats on the Last City, one of the last remaining strongholds of humanity. The Vex have blocked out the sun and thrown the city into endless night. Guardians must team up with Mithrax, Kell of the House of Light, to restore sunlight to the city.

As part of the season’s narrative, players will have the chance to hack into a Vex simulation, courtesy of Mithrax, and complete a six-player matchmaking activity called Override, where they’ll need to steal Vex codes and discover their secrets. The season also features a new weekly pinnacle mission called Expunge, where players can attempt to destroy the Vex Network from within.