Trials of Osiris

Flawless Runs with CarrySquad

Coming into Season 15 of D2, Trials of Osiris has officially returned, with Saint-14 once again leading the charge in D2’s most competitive PVP mode.

In Season of The Lost, players can now access more rewards through focusing Trials engrams, increasing their Trials rank, and increasing their reputation with Saint-14.

Going Flawless still has its charm as players will still be able to access the exclusive Lighthouse social space, upon winning seven consecutive matches with no losses.

With the added rewards from Flawless runs, the possibility of obtaining high-stat gear and powerful weapons in Trials has never been higher and more accessible!

Don’t miss out on the loot pool yourself, and make sure to gear up for Trials starting every Friday at 1 pm EST and ending every Tuesday at 1 pm EST.