Iron Banner

A week-long Crucible event in D2 offers unique rewards. When available, it will begin at the weekly reset.

Forge Your Legend in Iron Banner: Conquer the Crucible with CarrySquad

The Iron Banner roars to life once more, Guardian! Are you ready to step into the arena and prove your might against the fiercest warriors of the Last City? In the crucible of this high-stakes PvP event, only the elite will rise above the ashes and claim their glory.

But what if victory feels far-fetched? Enter CarrySquad, your ultimate Iron Banner ally. We stand beside you, honing your skills and guiding you to triumph.

Iron Banner: A Crucible Unlike Any Other

  • Fierce Competition: Face off against seasoned Guardians in intense 6v6 matches, where light clashes with light and every point earned is a testament to your prowess.
  • Unique Rewards: Forge your legend with Iron Banner's coveted loot, featuring Pinnacle gear, exclusive weapons, and armor sets that scream power and prestige.
  • The Crucible on Steroids: Power levels matter! Experience a high-stakes PvP environment where every advantage counts, pushing you to hone your build and refine your skills.

Where CarrySquad Makes the Difference:

  • Expert Coaching: Learn from the best. Our team of veteran Guardians will assess your gameplay, identify your weaknesses, and formulate a personalized training plan to make you an Iron Banner force.
  • Guided Play: Don't go it alone. We'll join you in the Crucible, not to carry you, but to equip you with the tactics and strategies needed to dominate the battlefield.
  • Community of Champions: Find your Iron Banner clan! Connect with like-minded Guardians, share strategies, and build a team of unstoppable warriors.
  • CarrySquad is more than just a service; it's a brotherhood forged in the fires of battle. We believe in your potential, and we're here to guide you every step of the way, from your first nervous steps to your Iron Lord coronation.

Ready to answer the call to arms?