Season of the Chosen

The New Empress Appears, Empress Caiatal, Leader of the Cabal and taught of Calus. She will demand more than Zavala can offer.


New social space H.E.L.M. where you can use the Prismatic Recaster (used to decrypt Umbral Engrams, which are returning this Season) and upgrade your Hammer of Proving (to unlock different pursuits and rewards at the Battlegrounds) at the War Table vendor:

  • Debut of the Battlegrounds activity (Behemoth and Hailstone maps available) for Season pass holders
  • Two new Strikes (Devil's Lair and Fallen Saber from D1)
  • Stasis Aspect quests begin
  • The debut of Seasonal Challenges, replacing Weekly Bounties, and will offer new ways to earn XP and other rewards week-by-week.
  • Tweaks to weapon recoil on PC and other weapon balance changes
  • New Pursuit weapon, the Breech Loaded Grenade Launcher 'Salvager's Salvo', rewarded from a Strike, Gambit, or Crucible quest of your choice.
  • Other regular Seasonal content - including a battle pass with 100 tiers of rewards, seasonal artifact, new Power level cap, and new Exotics to earn
  • And finally, a third landing zone in Europa.