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Effective Date: May 1, 2022 The following terms and conditions (these "Terms of Service") govern your access to and use of the Everboost CarrySquad platform, including any content, functionality, and services offered on or through or (the "Websites"), by Everboost Entertainment Inc. (with the registered address 221 N Broad Street, Suite 3A, Middletown, DE 19709)

1. General statements

1.1 By signing up to Everboost CarrySquad Services, a User confirms that they agree with every statement of the current Agreement and guarantees that they are going to follow every statement of this Agreement when utilizing the trading platform.

1.2 Once registered, every User is assigned by the website the status of a Buyer, and is presented the opportunity to purchase the services they like, use the personal profile, and can completely rely on arbitrary support provided by Everboost CarrySquad Services in case of any disputes.

1.3 Every User is granted the opportunity to receive the status of the Pro Player (Service provider). This status allows them to place their offers, and pick and fulfill orders on the trading platform.

1.4 The Agreement regulates the relations between a Service provider and a Buyer (hereinafter - 'Parties' or, if separately, 'the Party') with Everboost CarrySquad Services as the intermediary party. The Agreement defines the key notions and conditions, obligations, and rights of each Party in deal-making, the usage of instruments, applications, and any other services provided by Everboost CarrySquad. The Parties have the right to see the Web-Site as the guarantor. The Parties have the right to request arbitration to resolve any debate, should one appear.

1.5 Everboost CarrySquad is the platform where users can buy coaching services from Pro players in online games. Everboost CarrySquad does not sell the gaming items, does not offer gaming services nor sells them. It only acts as the intermediary party facilitating the users in the process of their trading with each other by guaranteeing the safety of the funds placed on the Everboost CarrySquad balance. Should a dispute appear, the website's arbitration takes on the obligation of facilitating the quickest resolution complying with the law and the issues of the current Agreement.

1.6 Everboost CarrySquad is not responsible for the use or exchange of any information or files between Service providers and Buyers. Further, Everboost CarrySquad does not control, nor is it responsible for, the truth, accuracy, completeness, safety, timeliness, quality, legality, or applicability of anything said or written by Service providers and Buyers.

1.7 The website's administration has the right to change or edit issues in the current Agreement whenever necessary per their own decision without notifying every registered User personally. The edited and changed Agreement becomes active once published. The date of its latest publication is stated under the current Agreement. Only the person authorized by Everboost CarrySquad has the right to change the Agreement.

2. Definitions

2.1 A Registered User is a User who has signed up with Everboost CarrySquad. They have the right to purchase the desired services, use their profile, and they can count on Everboost CarrySquad's arbitrary support should any disputes occur.

2.2 A Service provider is a User who has been granted the opportunity to post their offers, pick and fulfill orders all over the trading platform as well as count on Everboost CarrySquad's arbitrary support should a dispute occur.

2.3 An Account is a user's personal account;

2.4 Orders refer to Coaching services that are fulfilled by a Service provider to a buyer via the previously negotiated medium.

2.5 Occupational Risks are the possible risks occurring during the order completion (canceling of the order by one Party, exceeding the guaranteed deadline, providing a service different from the ordered one). The consequences of these situations are reviewed by Everboost CarrySquad's Arbitration by a Party's request.

2.6 Everboost CarrySquad Administration - representatives of Everboost CarrySquad, who could be reached via email:

3. Everboost CarrySquad Account and User's Personal Data

3.1 Collecting and utilizing personal data is conducted in order to help Everboost CarrySquad provide security to both Parties.

3.2 Everboost CarrySquad does not oblige Users to provide their personal data.

3.3 By providing their personal data, a User agrees to process his/her personal data and confirms that agreeing to terms and conditions is their act of free will and in their own interest.

3.4 The User's agreement to personal data processing is specific, informed, and conscious.

3.5 Everboost CarrySquad guarantees that it is responsible for not transferring the User’s data anywhere (except for transferring data to the Service provider, if it is necessary for the provision of services and scope of which is agreed with the User as stated in 4.5).

3.6 By accepting this user agreement, you confirm that no third party right is violated during the provision of services on the Everboost CarrySquad Services platform. These provisions apply to the usage of any copyright objects, including trademarks, brand names, and trade information. By using copyright objects, you confirm having the necessary permission from their holders.

3.7 The Everboost CarrySquad administration reserves the right to delete or edit any piece of information published on the website, including material that violates current legislation, violates third-party rights, or is inappropriate from the administration’s point of view.

3.8 Everboost CarrySquad can cooperate with public or law enforcement bodies, and any third parties whose trademarks, brand names, trade information, or any other copyright objects are used on the website. In cases of violation of current provisions, in cases of public or law enforcement bodies’ requests, and if there is a respective court’s decision, CarrySquad has the power to disclose personal or contact information and block or delete the account of any user. Accepting these provisions, you agree not to impede processes of personal and contact information disclosure in the above-mentioned cases and agree not to bring claims to Everboost CarrySquad.

4. Utilizing Everboost CarrySquad's Functions, Communication, and Posting Information

4.1 The website provides intermediating services and also instruments for the Service providers to place their services on the pages of the service and fulfill orders made by Buyers.

4.2 Service providers are able to post their orders through Everboost CarrySquad. The information provided should be accurate. Any information submitted on the Everboost CarrySquad platform gains legal power and is regulated by the current Agreement. In case a Service provider violates one of their rules or fails to deliver conditions discussed within the Everboost CarrySquad's chat, an arbitrary representative is entitled to apply sanctions.

4.3 The website provides Buyers with a convenient and flexible interface for browsing suitable offers and further purchasing coaching services.

4.4 All Parties guarantee polite and respectful treatment to each other.

4.5 Parties guarantee not to exchange and not to submit to the other Party their personal contact data except for the gaming data which includes: Username; server; any other information used for communication within the game (data transferred through the Everboost CarrySquad platform and it is the only personal data that is transferred from the Buyer to the Service provider).

4.6 In case of violation of 4.4 or 4.5, Everboost CarrySquad's arbitration is entitled to taking measures with or without notifying the User in advance.

5. Parties' Obligations. Transactions between Parties

5.1 General statements: Buyer is able to conduct payment via the direct payment.

5.2 After paying the services, the Buyer has the right to believe the Service provider starts processing the order in the time discussed in advance and finishes it no later than the claimed time. In case the Service provider starts processing the order later than discussed or exceeds the guaranteed deadline, the Buyer has the right to address a complaint to Everboost CarrySquad arbitration. If the Service provider is proven guilty, the Buyer is entitled to a partial or complete refund. If the refund is partial, the size of the payment depends on the percentage of the job already done.

5.3 The Service provider, when accepting an order, guarantees to start processing it in the time discussed in advance and to finish it within the discussed period. In case of an emergency, the Service provider must notify the Buyer of not being able to deliver the service in advance, explain the situation and offer a compromise. If the Service provider refuses to deliver the order, measures and sanctions will be introduced against them. If multiple violations of this rule take place, the Everboost CarrySquad Administration is entitled to toughen the punishment, up to blocking the Everboost CarrySquad account. In case the Service provider notifies the Buyer of their refusal to start the work right before the discussed time, a sum of money might be withdrawn from their account - up to 15% of the order cost - as a fine.

5.4 After paying for coaching services, the Buyer is obliged to follow the rules of the current Agreement and the arrangements made with the Service provider. The Buyer always has the right to refuse the service ordered (at least 5 hours prior to the discussed starting time) and get the funds spent returned. In case the Buyer refuses the service or refuses to accept the item right before the discussed starting time, the Service provider has the right to address Everboost CarrySquad arbitration to receive partial or full compensation.

5.5 By paying for the Services the Buyer confirms his/her complete and unconditional agreement to receive services through the means discussed during deal negotiation. Up to the moment when the deal is over, the Buyer's funds are under the protection of Everboost CarrySquad and are finally transferred over to the Service provider after the deal is complete (deal is treated as completed in case both parties report about the completion or in case the Buyer has not provided any complaints regarding the order within 5 calendar days after the Service provider reported about the completion). Once the order is confirmed complete, further appeals are impossible.

5.6 Everboost CarrySquad does not guarantee that the Service provider completes all the guarantees they've given, and is not responsible for the final result. However, Everboost CarrySquad arbitration guarantees to provide an investigation, discover the situation, and make a fair decision based on facts and the proofs provided by Parties.

5.7. Everboost CarrySquad does not bear responsibility for any sanctions applied to the gaming account of Parties at any time.

6. Dispute Resolving. CarrySquad Arbitration

6.1 Everboost CarrySquad arbitration is an intermediary party and a guarantor in resolving any disputes between Parties.

6.2 If the rules of the Agreement or those discussed during deal negotiation are violated, each Party is entitled to file a formal complaint and address it to Everboost CarrySquad arbitration through the chat on the or via Each Party can count on a competent investigation of the situation by an Everboost CarrySquad employee. The Arbitration will consider claims made by both Parties and make a conclusion based on facts and proofs provided by Parties.

7. Cancellation Policy

On Everboost CarrySquad, customers (Buyers) have the ability to cancel their order. When canceling an order, the user receives a full or partial refund.

The cases under which the user has the right to cancel their order are listed in this agreement:

  • The Service provider does not respond and does not accept the order.
  • The Service provider has accepted the order, but refuses to fulfill it. The appeal will be considered within 48 hours, with a full refund.
  • The Service provider accepted the order, started to implement, but for certain reasons cannot complete order. The appeal will be considered within 48 hours with a full or partial refund.
  • During the order fulfillment, the customer has decided to cancel the order, in this case they are required to make an appeal to arbitration. The appeal will be considered within 48 hours, with a full or partial refund, but in the current case, cancellation of the order may be denied if the Service provider did not break any conditions.

8. Sanction and Fine Policy

8.1 If rules of the current Agreement, conditions discussed during deal negotiations are violated, or the guaranteed deadlines are exceeded, the Everboost CarrySquad Arbitration is entitled - after investigating the situation - to imposing sanctions on the Party proven to violate the aforementioned conditions.

8.2 Everboost CarrySquad Administration or Arbitration will notify the User of any actions or measures applied on them via e-mail and a notification on their Personal Account on Everboost CarrySquad.

9. Additional terms and conditions

When paying for the Services, Buyer uses certain payment services. From the moment of making payment and till the moment of receiving funds to Everboost CarrySquad balance responsibility for the funds is beard by the relevant payment service.