Crota's End

ETA 1-2 hours
✦ 1790+ Power required
Destiny 2 Crota's End Clear
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Normal Completion on 3 Guardians
+$50 $50
Final Boss kill only
$15 $15
add Weekly Challenge
+$10 $10
add 2 Hidden Chests
+$10 $10
add Weekly Puzzle/Red border chest
+$10 $10
add Unlock Necrochasm Catalyst (Must have the gun)
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Flawless Raid Completion (no self-play)
$249 $249
Hope Eater Emblem (10 Sherpas)
$299 $299
Priority ⚡️
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First Encounter: Enter the Abyss

  • Fang of Ir Yût: Strand Scout Rifle
  • Song of Ir Yût: Arc LMG
  • Abyss Defiant: Solar Auto Rifle
  • Armor:
    • Chest
    • Boots
    • Class Item

Second Encounter: Cross the Bridge

  • Fang of Ir Yût: Strand Scout Rifle
  • Swordbreaker: Strand Shotgun
  • Oversoul Edict: Arc Pulse Rifle
  • Armor:
    • Gloves
    • Chest

Third Encounter: Ir Yût the Deathsinger

  • Oversoul Edict: Arc Pulse Rifle
  • Song of Ir Yût: Arc LMG
  • Word of Crota: Void Hand Cannon
  • Armor:
    • Gloves
    • Chest

Final Encounter: Crota, Son of Oryx


Random chance to get 1 Essence of Oversoul per encounter for Necrochasm Exotic

2 Hidden Chests

  • You can get:
    • Random piece of armor or weapon you've already received from the raid
    • Raid Armor mod
    • 5 Spoils of Conquest per chest

Weekly Challenge

  • Additional weapon or armor from the challenge encouter

Weekly Puzzle Bonus Chest (once per account, per week)

  • Bonus puzzle chest from the Crota encounter always drops a red border (deepsight) weapon. Including those not already in your collection


Crota’s End Raid is a challenging group activity in Destiny 2 that takes players deep below the surface of the Moon to face armies of Hive. This raid, which was one of the early raids from the first year of Destiny, has returned with refreshed mechanics and increased difficulty. It consists of four distinct encounters: The Abyss, The Bridge, Ir Yut, and Crota himself.

Here are the key challenges and strategies for each encounter:

  • The Abyss: You can enlighten one lamp for each time you’ve preserved the Chalice4. Using Eager Edge and Strand Grapple works well here.
  • The Bridge: Guardians can only cross the bridge if it’s not fully built. Anti-Barrier weapons are recommended as Barrier Knights will swarm the plates on both sides.
  • Ir Yut: Guardians can only pick up the Chalice after everyone else in the team has picked it up. Divinity and Leviathan’s Breath work well together to deal with Ir Yut.
  • Crota: Crota’s overshield must be destroyed in full within about three seconds. Tractor Cannon is used to debuff Crota, ensuring your team can deal a ton of damage.

Rewards for completing the raid include unique weapons and armors that drop at the highest possible light levels. The Necrochasm Auto Rifle is the new exotic weapon with the Cursebringer trait. Completing a challenge in Crota’s End will give you an extra chest with loot from that encounter. You’ll also get an Adept weapon if you finish it on Master

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