Prophecy Dungeon Completion

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Progress Rewards:

  • Glimmer
  • XP
  • Vestiges of Dread (Seasonal Currency S17)

Possible Rewards:

  • Daito Moonfang Armor
  • Prophecy Weapons
  • "Of Ten Suns" Exotic Sparror (Flawless Completion)
  • "Cottontail" Exotic Ghost Shell (Solo Completion)
  • "Prophetic Visionary" Emblem (Solo Flawless Completion)

Hidden Rewards:

  • "Urn It" Triumph Completed (Hidden Urn option)
  • Five Savathûn's Eyes Destroyed (add corresponding option)
  • Ruinous Effigy Exotic required


Sharpen Your Skills and Fuel the Fire: Conquering Prophecy Dungeon During Guardian Games

The Guardian Games are in full swing, Guardians! While friendly competition rages between the classes, the thrill of challenging activities shouldn't be forgotten. Enter the Prophecy Dungeon, a hidden gem that offers not only a rewarding experience but also a surprising connection to the Games.

Prophecy: A Test of Skill and Teamwork:

Prophecy Dungeon is a pinnacle activity in Destiny 2, demanding teamwork, communication, and mastery of your Guardian's abilities. It throws you into a nightmarish realm filled with vex puzzles, deadly encounters, and the enigmatic Kell Echo as the final boss.

More Than Just Loot:

While conquering Prophecy Dungeon rewards you with powerful gear and unique cosmetics, it also plays a role in the Guardian Games:

  • Master Your Class: Hone your skills with your chosen class. The teamwork and coordination required in Prophecy translate directly to dominating in Crucible matches or performing flawlessly in Strikes. A well-trained Guardian is a valuable asset to their class during the Games. - Sharpen Your Edge : Mastering the mechanics and enemy encounters within Prophecy prepares you for the high-level content often featured in the Guardian Games' Diamond Contender Cards. These challenging cards test your mettle in activities like Grandmaster Nightfalls and high-level raids.
  • Embodiment of Teamwork : Completing Prophecy Dungeon fosters the spirit of teamwork, crucial during Guardian Games when coordinating with fellow Guardians in Strikes or strategizing Crucible matches to maximize your class's score.

Prophecy and the All-Stars:

While there's no direct connection to the All-Stars Memento, the skills you hone and the teamwork you build within Prophecy directly contribute to your success as a Guardian and, ultimately, your class's performance in the Games. Think of Prophecy as your training ground, where you refine your combat prowess and teamwork, making you a true All-Star for your class.

The Call to Challenge Awaits:

So, gather your fireteam, sharpen your blades, and step into the twisted realm of the Prophecy Dungeon. Not only will you be rewarded with powerful loot and bragging rights, but you'll also be honing your skills and contributing to your class's glory in the Guardian Games. Remember, Guardians, a well-trained Guardian is a force to be reckoned with, both within the dungeon and on the battlefield of the Games!

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