Trials of Osiris

Season 19
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Trials of Osiris Flawless Carries
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Flawless Run
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Flawless + Confidence Flawless
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Confidence Only Run
+$60 $60
5 extra wins after flawless (rep boost) (Add on only)
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10 extra wins after flawless (rep boost) (Add on only)
+$99 $99
Guardian of the Lighthouse (15 wins after Flawless)
+$105 $105
Flawless on 3 Guardians
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Full Trials Armor Set on 1 Guardian
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50 round win Pinnacle Drop
+$20 $20
Pick up Flawless chest
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Only your first Flawless run on each character will grant you full Flawless rewards.

You'll get:

  1. Reputation
  2. Trials Engrams
  3. Weapons (non-Adept)

Flawless Run Rewards

Confidence Run Rewards

Confidence is High Triumph completion as well as any additional rewards received during the run.

Guardian of the Lighthouse Run Reward

Guardian of the Lighthouse Triumph completion as well as any additional rewards received during the run.

Note: For more information on our Trials Triumph completion services, please visit our Flawless Seal Acquisition Page

Random Rewards (Not Guaranteed)

  • In Memoriam Ghost Shell
  • Paradigm Shift Sparrow
  • Winds of Change Ship


The Ghost Shell and Sparrow are random rewards that can be obtained from any passage. You can still receive them regardless if you’ve gone flawless that same weekend.


Trials of Osiris has officially returned in Year 5, with Saint-14 once again leading the charge in D2’s most competitive PVP mode.

In Season of The Risen, players can now access more rewards through focusing Trials engrams, increasing their Trials rank, and increasing their reputation with Saint-14. Additionally, a new weapon has been added to the Trials loot pool: Aisha's Embrace (Scout Rifle).

Going Flawless still has its charm as players will still be able to access the exclusive Lighthouse social space, upon winning seven consecutive matches with no losses.

With the added rewards from Flawless runs, the possibility of obtaining high-stat gear and powerful weapons in Trials has never been higher and more accessible!  

Don’t miss out on the loot pool yourself, and make sure to gear up for Trials starting every Friday at 1 pm EST and ending every Tuesday at 1 pm EST. 

(Trials will return during Season 18 on September 16th, 2022)

You will not be able to access Trials:

  • The first week of a new season.

  • The week a new raid begins.

  • Any week Iron Banner is live.

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1780+ Power level. If your character has a lower Power Level please use our fast Power Leveling service

**The current campaign: Beyond Light

Completion of Trials Access Quest (obtained from Saint-14)

  • 50 Elimination Kills
  • Reset your Valor rank 1x

Flawless Runs

  • Passage of Mercy or 25,000 Glimmer to purchase

Flawless Confidence or Confidence Only Runs

  • Passage of Confidence or 25,000 Glimmer to purchase

If you have questions

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