Legend and Master Lost Sector Bundle

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1541+ Power required
Lost Sector Exotics Bundler
260 completed
from $59
81 reviews
Precious Scars Titan Helmet
+$59 $59
Icefall Mantle Titan Arms
+$59 $59
Cuirass of the Falling Star Titan Chest
+$59 $59
The Path of Burning Steps Titan Boots
+$59 $59
Dawn Chorus Warlock Helmet
+$59 $59
Necrotic Grip Warlock Arms
+$59 $59
Mantle of Battle Harmony Warlock Chest
+$59 $59
Boots of the Assembler Warlock Boots
+$59 $59
Mask of Bakris Hunter Helmet
+$59 $59
Athrys’s Embrace Hunter Arms
+$59 $59
Omnioculus Hunter Chest
+$59 $59
Star-Eater Scales Hunter Boots
+$59 $59
Radiant Dance Machines Hunter Boots
+$59 $59
No Backup Plans Titan Arm
+$59 $59
Nothing Manacles Warlock Arms
+$59 $59
Loreley Splendor Titan Helmet
+$59 $59
Hoarfrost-Z Titan Chestpiece
+$59 $59
Secant Filaments Warlock Boots
+$59 $59
Osmiomancy Warlock Arms
+$59 $59
Blight Ranger Hunter Helmet
+$59 $59
Renewal Grasps Hunter Arms
+$59 $59
Second Chance Titan Arms
+$59 $59
Caliban's Hand Hunter Arms
+$59 $59
Rain of Fire Warlock Boots
+$59 $59
Priority ⚡️


Exotic Armor rotates daily. Depending on what Armor Pieces you have chosen, this might take a few days for the order to be completed.

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Liam was excellent and quick!
Awesome, best way to describe the service.
These guys are professionals
Like always CarrySquad, is my first choice thanks again.
Always a Pleasure. Dev is a champ
Kenysilver10 did a great job
They did an awesome job, per usual. Thanks!

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