Trials Weapons Bundle

(non Adept)
1280+ Power required
Trials Weapons Bundle
43 completed
from $35
9 reviews
Igneous Hammer - Hand Cannon
+$35 $35
The Messenger - Pulse Rifle
+$35 $35
Exile's Curse - Fusion Rifle
+$35 $35
Sola's Scar - Sword
+$35 $35
Tomorrow's Answer - Launcher
+$35 $35
Eye of Sol - Sniper Rifle
+$35 $35
Shayura's Wrath - SMG
+$35 $35
Priority ⚡️
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Trials of Osiris weapons rotate weekly. This might take a couple of weekly resets for the order to be completed, depending on the weapons that you chose.

You'll get:

  1. Selected Trials of Osiris Weapons (non Adept):

    • Igneous Hammer - Hand Cannon
    • Astral Horizon - Shotgun
    • Exile's Curse - Fusion Rifle
    • The Messenger - Pulse Rifle
    • Tomorrow's Answer - Rocket Launcher
    • Sola's Scar - Sword
  2. A chance to get the unique In Memoriam Trials Exotic Ghost

  3. A chance to get the unique Paradigm Shift Trials Exotic Sparrow

  4. A chance to get the unique Winds of Change Trials Exotic Ship

  5. Trials Tokens

  6. XP for your Season Pass and Artifact level

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Great service
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Etheks did a great job on my order. Got it done quickly and efficiently.

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