The Palindrome Hand Cannon Guaranteed

1260+ Power required
Palindrome Hand Cannon Guaranteed
57 completed
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Nightfall weapons are on a 3 week rotation. It might take up to 2 weekly resets for the order to be completed.

  1. Desired Amount of The Palindrome Hand Cannons
  2. Exotic Gear (Uncommon)
  3. Enhancement Cores (Uncommon)
  4. Enhancement Prisms (Rare)
  5. Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact level


The developers have brought back a popular D1 Hand Cannon, "The Palindrome". The gear is a 140ROM Void energy Hand Cannon and comes with an all-new perk, "Bottomless Grief" that refills the magazine when players take down enemies, while they are the last living member of their fireteam. The Palindrome can pair the new "Bottomless Grief" perk with Rampage, to create a gun suited for Trials of Osiris

FYI, A palindrome is a word, number, phrase, or other sequences of characters that reads the same backward as forward, such as madam or racecar.

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