Dead Man's Tale Exotic Scout Rifle

ETA 1 hour
✦ 1800+ Power required
Dead Man's Tale Exotic Scout Rifle
152 completed
from $15
39 reviews
Unlock Dead Man's Exotic
+$15 $15
Unlock Catalyst (1810+)
+$20 $20
Get level 12 to unlock perks
+$20 $20
Unlock Cranial Spike II, III, IV (Intrinsic Traits)
+$35 $35
Priority ⚡️
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  1. Dead Man's Tale Exotic Scout Rifle

    • Cranial Spike - Chaining precision hits grants bonus damage and quickens reload speed.
  2. The Sights I’ve Seen Triumph completed

  3. "Presage" Exotic Quest completed

  4. XP for your Season Pass and Artifact


The Dead Man’s Tale exotic is live again, craftable, and ready whenever you are to chase a new exotic Tex Mechanica scout rifle.

This is a very long quest the first time you run it. You will be introduced to spores, which allow you to get through weird Darkness doors.

This exotic scout rifle increases damage with precision hits, stacking up to five times. Its random rolls also mean the weapon is capable of god rolls in D2, enabling it to be a useful addition to Guardians’ arsenals

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