MMXX Moments of Triumph Seal

MMXX Moments of Triumph Seal
132 completed
from $119$155
41 reviews
Bungie Rewards 15 Triumphs Shirt
+$449 $449
Reward: Ghost 10 Triumphs
+$269 $269
Reward: Sparrow 5 Triumphs
+$119 $119
Reward: Emblem 1 Any Triumph
+$19 $19
Raid Ring 5 Raids Completion
+$119 $155
Leviathan Raid
+$29 $29
Eater of Worlds Raid
+$29 $29
Spire of Stars Raid
+$29 $29
Crown of Sorrow Raid
+$29 $29
Scourge of the Past Raid
+$29 $29
Gun for Hire 15 Bounties
+$39 $39
10 Weekly Challenges Triumph
+$49 $49
20 Strikes For the Vanguard
+$49 $59
20 Ordeal Strikes
+$99 $99
Valor Legend
+$30 $30
Trials Victories
+$35 $35
Gambit Standout
+$39 $47
K1 Four Lost Sectors
+$19 $29
Altars of Sorrow: Final Phase
+$19 $19
Garden of Salvation Raid Completion
+$29 $29
Pit of Heresy Completion
+$25 $25
Prophecy Dungeon Completion
+$39 $39
Interference: Clear the Air
+$21 $21
Exotic Arsenal
+$179 $179
45 Savathûn's Eyes
+$29 $29
The Majesty of It
+$219 $219
Above and Beyond
+$155 $155
5 PROPHECY Savathûn's Eyes
+$39 $39
Priority ⚡️


Raid Ring and Emblem Triumph Rewards

  1. Resurrecting Flight Exotic Sparrow (Reward: Sparrow Triumph)
  2. Accolades on Accolades Triumph Emblem (Reward: Emblem Triumph)
  3. No Power In The Verse Can Stop Me Emblem
  4. Unlocked Raid Ring for purchase at the Bungie Store
  5. Raids Completed:
    • Leviathan, Eater of Worlds, Spire of Stars, Crown of Sorrow, Scourge of the Past
  6. Contender's Shell Exotic Ghost
  7. Luxurious Toast Exotic Emote
  8. Embrace His Name emblem
  9. Unique Leviathan Gear and Weapons
  10. Chance to get an Exotic
  11. Emperor Calus tokens to level up Emperor reputation 12 Emperors Envy Emblem
  12. Eater of Worlds Raid Gear
  13. Spire Star Emblem
  14. Unique Gear and Weapons from Spire of Stars
  15. Cabal-themed Shadow Raid Armor
  16. Chance to get Tarrabah Exotic Energy Submachine Gun
  17. Black Armory Raid Gear
  18. Recovered Memories Raid Emblem
  19. Chance to get Anarchy powerful Grenade Launcher
  20. A huge pack of Triumph and Raid Shaders:
    • Calus's Selected, Calus's Treasured, Calus's Elite, Calus's Preferred, Praetorian Visage, Calus's Shadow, Imperial Opulence, Imperial Dress, Midnight Smith

Bungie Triumph Shirt Rewards

  1. Fifteen Seal Triumphs completed
  2. Moments of Triumph T-Shirt Unlocked for purchase at the Bungie Store
  3. Awakened Shell Exotic ghost
  4. Resurrecting Flight Exotic Sparrow
  5. Accolades on Accolades Triumph Emblem
  6. Loot and Rewards from 15 Seal Triumphs

Ghost Triumph Rewards

  1. Ten Seal Triumphs completed
  2. Awakened Shell Exotic ghost
  3. Resurrecting Flight Exotic Sparrow
  4. Accolades on Accolades Triumph Emblem
  5. Loot and Rewards from 10 Seal Triumphs

Sparrow Triumph Rewards

  1. Five Seal Triumphs completed
  2. Resurrecting Flight Exotic Sparrow
  3. Accolades on Accolades Triumph Emblem
  4. Loot and Rewards from 5 Seal Triumphs

Gun for Hire Triumph

  1. 15 Bounties completed

Challenger Triumph

  1. 10 Weekly Challenges completed

For the Vanguard Triumph

  1. 20 Strikes Completed

Ordeal or No Deal Triumph

  1. 20 Ordeal Strikes Completed

Season of Arrivals: Valor Legend

  1. 2000 Lend Valor Rank
  2. Crucible Weapons and Gear

Trials Victories

  1. 7 matches won in the Trials of Osiris
  2. 3 Powerful Trials Weapons
  3. A chance to get a unique Lantern Shell Trials Exotic Ghost
  4. A chance to get a unique Resurrection’s Guide Trials Exotic Sparrow
  5. Trials Tokens

K1 Discovered Triumph

  1. 4 Moon's Lost Sector Completed
  2. Moon Planetary drops
  3. All gear and rewards that might drop during this service

Garden of Salvation Triumph

  1. Garden of Salvation Raid completion
  2. Pinnacle Gear Rewards (once per week)
  3. Powerful Raid Gear and Weapons
  4. Inherent Truth Raid Emblem
  5. Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact level

Destroyer of Heretics

  1. Moon Dreambane Armor (RNG-based)
  2. Masterworked Pinnacle Dreambane Armor Piece (one per week)
  3. New Altars of Sorrow Weapons (RNG-based)
  4. Chance to get dungeon specific Premonition Pulse Rifle
  5. Chance to get dungeon specific Bane of Tyrants Ship
  6. Sanguine Static Emblem

Prophecy Complete Triumph

  1. Pinnacle Armor Piece (one per week)
  2. Daito Moonfang Armor
  3. New Prophecy Weapons
  4. Chance to get IKELOS Shotgun
  5. XP for your Season Pass and Artifact

Interference: Clear the Air

  1. Supplicant to Savathûn defeated
  2. Altered Element

Exotic Arsenal Triumph

  1. Witherhoard Exotic Grenade Launcher
  2. Ruinous Effigy Exotic Rifle
  3. Traveler's Chosen Exotic Sidearm
  4. Means to an End Pinnacle Reward
  5. Interference mission completed
  6. Io, Titan, Mars, and Mercury planetary Drops
  7. Infamy Rank points and Gambit rewards
  8. Pyramidion Strike completed
  9. Heroic Adventures Rewards
  10. Savathûn's Song, a Garden World and Tree of Probabilities Strikes completed
  11. Escalation Protocol drops

The Majesty of It Triumph

  1. Full Magnificent Legendary Solstice Armor set

Above and Beyond Triumph

  1. Glow on any Solstice of Heroes Magnificent Armor piece
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