Witch Queen Legendary Campaign

Witch Queen Legendary Campaign
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Legendary Completion Only
+$150 $150
Normal Completion Only
$69 $69
Legendary Completion on 3 Guardians
+$350 $450
The Arrival Mission Legendary
+$20 $20
The Investigation Mission Legendary
+$20 $20
The Ghosts Mission Legendary
+$20 $20
The Communion Mission Legendary
+$20 $20
The Mirror Mission Legendary
+$20 $20
The Cunning Mission Legendary
+$20 $20
The Last Chance Mission Legendary
+$20 $20
The Ritual Mission Legendary
+$20 $20
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Completing ALL missions on Legendary will award players with the following:

  • A new emblem exclusive to those who complete the campaign at Legendary difficulty.

  • A Triumph required for the newest title for Throne World.

  • A set of gear 20 above the soft cap at 1520 Power Level.

  • Eight upgrade modules.

  • New The Witch Queen Exotic armor that typically is reserved for Lost Sector drops.


Witch Queen is finally here

The Legendary Campaign mode for the Witch Queen DLC has a recommended light of 1360 and calls for a more advanced arsenal than many new Lights have.

Challenge your Light and might with tougher combatants, additional modifiers, and scaled difficulty as you fight against Savathun and her Lucent Brood.

With double rewards, high level gear 20 levels above the soft cap, and an emblem exclusive to those who accepted the challenge, you don't want to miss out on this opportunity.

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  • MUST have purchased the Witch Queen DLC on the platform you wish to achieve progress on. If you want the campaign completed on all platforms that you play on, you will have to purchase the DLC on each one.

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