In the Shadow of the Mountain Quest

Warlord's Ruin
ETA 3-5 hours
In the Shadow of the Mountain
38 completed
from $15
12 reviews
Complete the "Warlord's Ruin" dungeon in the EDZ.
+$39 $39
4 Bone of Hefnd, 30 Dark Ether Tinctures found, 3 Blighted Wishing Glass found
+$29 $29
7 Bone of Hefnd, 60 Dark Ether Tinctures found, 3 Blighted Wishing Glass found
+$29 $29
10 Bone of Hefnd, 80 Dark Ether Tinctures found, 4 Blighted Wishing Glass found
+$39 $39
120 Dark Ether Tinctures found, 5 Blighted Wishing Glass found
+$39 $39
Reclaim Hefnd's Bones
+$15 $15
Full Quest Completion
$99 $179
Obtain the catalyst (must have a gun)
+$39 $39
Priority ⚡️
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  • 10 Bone of Hefnd
  • Buried Bloodline Catalyst (must have a gun)


Conquer In the Shadow of the Mountain with CarrySquad: Your Path to Destiny 2 Glory Awaits!

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  • Blighted Wishing Glass acquisition: Secure this crucial item for further quest steps.
  • Triumphs and secrets unlocked: Unveil the hidden depths of Warlord's Ruin and its lore.
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Great service
M1guelc98 was really professional and patient with this long quest.
David ****
Silver was professional and answered all questions with enthusiasm. Glad they were able to help me out.
Fantastic service
Good Booster
Great job!! Thanks for all the hard work
Mystic G****
Nezodrop was awesome and works quickly, highly recommend!
Mark ****
xHimuraKenshin is the best! PvE professional.
Very good

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