Moments of Triumph 2024

Conquer Moments of Triumph
4 completed
from $15
2 reviews
21 Triumphs
+$499 $499
Paracausal Adventurer
+$80 $80
+$80 $80
Action Hero
+$20 $20
+$20 $20
Restored and Remembered
+$60 $60
Honorary Cloud Strider
+$99 $99
Root of Nightmares
+$30 $30
Crota's End
+$30 $30
+$20 $20
Collect the Debts of Kings, O Vengeance Mine
+$30 $30
Unbowed, Unbent
+$99 $99
Big Game Banisher
+$30 $30
Scourge of Light
+$20 $20
Fully Salvaged
+$99 $99
Mechanical Depth
+$15 $15
Deep Reserves
+$20 $20
Hook, Line, Sinker
+$50 $50
Sisters and Swords
+$99 $99
Elemental Covens
+$30 $30
Acolyte's Offerings
+$35 $35
Red Tithings
+$20 $20
Arcane Knowledge
+$149 $149
The Parting Glass
+$99 $99
Lair Crawler
+$49 $49
Riven's Relics
+$49 $49
By the Breath of Sol
+$30 $30
Weapon Proficiency
+$20 $20
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General Rewards:

  • "Moments of Triumph" emblem: Tracks your progress throughout the event.
  • Exclusive title and seal: Earned by completing a significant number of Triumphs.


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