Adept Warden's Law

Bursting Bullets, Warden’s Mischief.
✦ 1815+ Power required
Conquer Destiny 2's
76 completed
14 reviews
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Nightfall weapons are on a 6 week rotation. It might take up to 6 weekly resets for your order to be completed.

  1. Desired amount of Warden's Law Hand Cannons
  2. Exotic Armor
  3. Ascendant Shard(s)
  4. Enhancement prisms
  5. Any extra rewards and progression gained while completing order


For Recovery, our team will sign on to your profile to collect the selected number of Warden's Law Adept Hand Cannon.

We will complete this week's featured Grandmaster for this weapon unless it is already completed on the Conqueror Seal.

For Carry, play with our experienced and friendly Sherpas. We will guide you through the encounter, providing tips and strategies for increasing your chances of success.

The Adept Warden's Law is a pinnacle hand cannon in Destiny 2, coveted for its combination of firepower, precision, and adaptability. Here's a breakdown of its strengths:

Raw Stopping Power: This weapon boasts the Heavy Burst archetype, meaning its bullets pack a serious punch. Headshots against Guardians often result in instant elimination, while body shots leave them reeling. This makes it a potent weapon in both PvP and PvE, able to dominate close-quarters encounters and deal significant damage even against tougher enemies.

Unmatched Precision: Beyond its raw damage, the Adept Warden's Law stands out for its laser-like accuracy. Its high stability and natural range make it a dream for landing consistent headshots, turning it into a monster in the hands of skilled Guardians.

Adept Perks: As an Adept weapon, it can roll with unique perk combinations unavailable on the standard version. Perks like Snapshot Sights for faster ADS, Frenzy for extended damage boosts, and Focused Fury for bonus damage after rapid kills further elevate its performance.

Adaptability: The Warden's Law excels in diverse situations. In PvP, its burst damage allows for aggressive plays and quick eliminations, while its precision makes it a reliable choice for longer-range duels. In PvE, its burst damage shreds through smaller enemies, and with the right perks, it can even put a dent in bosses.

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