Truth Exotic Rocket Launcher

The Truth Exotic Rocket Launcher
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Menagerie completed
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Ascendant chest looted
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4 Map pieces decoded
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  • Truth Exotic Rocket Launcher


D2's Truth is an exotic quest from the Season of Opulence. Complete the quest and get your Truth exotic rocket launcher.

Truth is a PVP-focused rocket launcher; its perk is Prototype Trueseeker, causing its rockets to aggressively hunt down enemies. This weapon's rockets have tracking. Lock onto targets when aiming down sights.

To get Truth, you need to complete a Menagerie Run and open the final chest to get the script. Take the Awoken Script to Petra in the Dreaming City to get started.

"Destroyed with this in Gambit. Every. Single. Time. GUARDIAN DOWN"

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Very fast,Good kumunikation Whit booster Roger, thanks
Great job! These guys are awesome!
Was super quick and my booster lllumatex was really professional about it!

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