Touch of Malice Exotic

Touch of Malice Exotic Scout Rifle
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  1. Touch of Malice Exotic Scout Rifle Guaranteed
  2. Pinnacle Vault of Glass Raid Armor (RNG-based)
  3. Pinnacle Raid Weapons (RNG-based)


First introduced in The Taken King expansion in D1, Guardians will once again dive into the Dreadnaught, Oryx's flagship to battle the Taken King himself.

Heralded and contentiously debated as Destiny's best raid, King's Fall also brings back an old favorite; Touch of Malice (TOM) the Exotic Kinetic Scout Rifle, will also be making a return to the reprisal foray.

The main Exotic perk of TOM is "Touch of Malice", which causes final rounds to drain the user's life force in exchange for bonus damage. The intrinsic perk is "Charged with Blight", which causes precision hits to drain enemy life force and charge up a ball of darkness, which can fire via an alternate weapon action and blinds targets.

King's Fall's is currently live and free to play for all Destiny 2 players. Guardians can access the raid by going to their Destinations tab and clicking on "Legends".

5.00 average
Pastor XG****
Mrwaffles is one of the best here!
Great job. He worked weeks for me trying to get this weapon to fall. Great communication. Every week sent me a status update. Highly recommend this guy.
Relentless dedication and effort; Sionex7 is highly recommended. Excellent communication throughout and tremendous service as usual.
Stuck to it every week for 2 months straight before touch decided to drop. Much appreciated and highly recommend
Excellent work as always.
The best boosting service I’ll ever use.
Phantom Ace****
Raw is a Champ!!
Langston M****
XHimuraKenshin is thee goat
Sionex7 would have to be one of if not the best guys around I’d highly recommend him being requested by anyone looking for help in game

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