A Shadow Rises

A Shadow Rises Seal
100 completed
from $60
26 reviews
Treasure Hunt
+$60 $60
Like Clockwork
+$30 $30
Imperial Finery
+$30 $30
Prize(d) Fighter
+$30 $30
Flair For Drama
+$30 $30
Sweet and Shy
+$30 $30
The Hunted Becomes The…
+$30 $30
Parry, Strike, Parry
+$30 $30
Going the Distance
+$40 $40
Safe Haven
+$30 $30
Faster than Lightning
+$30 $30
Time Manipulation
+$30 $30
Rolling Deep
+$600 $600
Lambs to the Slaughter
+$110 $125
Break a Leg
+$100 $125
Uncontrolled Rage
+$110 $125
Crown of Ease
+$120 $120
Lost in the Kingdom of Sorrow
+$300 $300
I'm Not Superstitious
+$90 $90
Limited Blessings
+$30 $30
Total Victory
+$30 $30
With Both Hands
+$30 $30
Priority ⚡️
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  1. Chance to obtain Shadow badge
  2. Crown of Sorrow Raid Gear and Weapons
  3. Chance to obtain Tarrabah
5.00 average
Emilio All****
Excellent performance
Everything completed in a timely fashion, great communication, and a skillful booster. Thanks.
Booster was very professional, finished my order at the time promised, and made sure everything went smoothly. Highly recommend and very appreciative of help. Thanks a lot.
Friendly, fast and efficient. Excellent service. Thank you.
Wohpe was great. Very flexible for scheduling and quickly got the assignment done.
Faster than expected.
Awesome. Quick and easy!
great job and quickly done.
Awesome. Went above and beyond as usual
Fast and efficient, kept up good communication even when I did not.

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