PsiOps Battlegrounds Activity Farm

Season 16: Season of the Risen
Battlegrounds Activity Farm
71 completed
Legendary Clears (1530+)
+$300 $300
Open Runic Chests and Acquire Psychogenic Intel
+$20 $20
Pinnacle Challenge Only
$15 $15
Priority ⚡️
Play with our team


  • Seasonal Armor
  • Seasonal Weapons
  • Risen Umbral Energy
  • Psychogenic Intel
  • Glimmer
  • XP
  • Select Seasonal Challenge completions


Continue the fight against the Lucent Hive via Season of the Risen’s new three-player activity: PsiOps Battlegrounds!

Engage in a new age of psychic warfare as you continue the shaky alliance between Empress Caiatl and the Guardians.

Hunt down the Lucent Hive that are praying on Guardians and their Light, and weaken their leader enough to enable Empress Caiatl’s Psions to capture and conduct psychic studies on the Hive’s minds.

The intel received post-capture will shed more light on what Savathun’s brood is up to and how best to stop it.

Upon completing the activity, two chests will spawn; one that can be opened for free that can give you Legendary drops, and one that requires 500 Psychogenic Intel to open.

Psychogenic Intel is acquired through the completion of other playlist activities and the process can be expedited by wearing seasonal armor.

This chest will reward you with seasonal gear such as weapons and armor, and upgrades in the H.E.L.M at the War Table can increase the quality of rewards gained. It is also the source for Risen Umbral Energy, the seasonal currency needed to focus Umbral Engrams in the H.E.L.M.

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  • Players MUST have purchased the Season Pass in order to access the activity

  • 1400 Power Level.

If you have questions

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