Forerunner Arrivals Seal

Forerunner Arrivals Seal
14 completed
from $113
3 reviews
Prismatic Recaster upgrade
+$113 $113
Mod Collector
+$39 $39
Basic Focus Engrams
+$19 $19
Pyramid-Focused Engrams
+$21 $21
Advanced Exodus Focus Engrams
+$15 $15
Advanced Dredgen Focus Engrams
+$15 $15
Advanced Armor Focus Engrams
+$99 $99
Contact: Destinations
+$14 $14
Contact: Heavy Hitters
+$39 $39
Interference: Loop
+$21 $21
Interference: Clear the Air
+$21 $21
Ancient Light Anew
+$15 $15
Hive-God Optometrist 45 Eyes
+$29 $29
Exodus: Preparation
+$55 $55
Exodus: Evacuation
+$59 $59
5 Prophecy Dungeon Eyes
+$39 $39
Priority ⚡️


You'll get:

  1. Fully Upgraded Prismatic Recaster

  2. All 12 Seasonal Mods from Season of Arrivals

  3. Four Basic Focus Engrams created and decrypted

  4. Three Advanced Pyramid Engrams created and decrypted

  5. Two Advanced Exodus Focus Engrams created and decrypted

  6. Two Advanced Dredgen Focus Engrams created and decrypted

  7. Six Advanced Armor Focus Engrams created and decrypted

    • 72 Season Pass level required for this Triumph
  8. Io and Titan Contact public events completed

  9. Three Taken bosses killed in Contact public events on Heroic mode

  10. Point of Contact Emblem

  11. Three encounter types in the mission "Interference" completed: Ritual, Relics, and Crystal

  12. Kill Savathûn's mysterious Supplicant in mission "Interference"

  13. 25 Calcified Light fragments collected

  14. 50 Savathûn's Eyes destroyed

  15. "Exodus: Preparation" Exotic quest completed

  16. "Exodus: Evacuation" Exotic quest completed

5.00 average
Eyeoftheazure is a real pro, as always
very accommodating and friendly
awesome booster

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  • 1025+ Power level. If your character has a lower Power Level please use our fast Power Leveling service
  • Shadowkeep DLC and Season of Arrivals
  • 72 Season Pass level for Advanced Armor Focus Triumph. If you don't have the required level please use our Season Pass service

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