For the War to Come Quest

Season 15
1290+ Power required
For the War to Come Quest
32 completed
from $15
3 reviews
30 Guardians, 10 Zones, 15 Energy Weapon Kills
+$15 $15
6 Matches, 20 Zones, 15 Pulse Rifle Kills
+$15 $15
100 Guardians, 30 Zones, 10 Ability Kills
+$15 $15
15 Super Kills, 40 Zones, 15 Sidearm Kills
+$15 $15
Priority ⚡️


  • Glimmer
  • XP
  • Parallax Trajectory

Quest Rewards

Step I Rewards:

  • Forge's Pledge Pulse Rifle; Iron Banner Class item

Step II Rewards:

  • Iron Banner Leg Armor

Step III Rewards:

  • Peacebond Sidearm; Iron Banner Gauntlets

Step IV Rewards:

  • Iron Banner Chest Armor

Step V Rewards:

  • Iron Banner Helmet


For the War to Come is Season of the Lost's Iron Banner quest, asking you to defeat enemies with certain weapons and subclasses. The objectives are mostly straightforward, although completing them is another story.

Forewarned, Forearmed: At any time during Season of the Lost, defeat opponents, capture zones, and get Energy weapon final blows in the Iron Banner.

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Very fast completion.

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Quest Requirements

  • Step I: Forewarned, Forearmed

    • 30 Guardians defeated
    • 15 Energy weapon final blows
    • 10 Zones captured
  • Step II: Clustered Shots

    • 20 Zones captured
    • 15 Pulse Rifle final blows
    • 6 Matches completed
  • Step III: Antipode

    • 100 Guaridan defeats
    • 30 Zones captured
    • 10 Ability final blows (Solar or Stasis)
    • Step IV: The Final Lesson
      • 40 Zones captured
      • 15 Super final blows
      • 15 Sidearm final blows
  • Step V: A Finely Tuned Instrument

    • Speak with Lord Saladin

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