Dead Messenger Catalyst Masterwork

✦ 1560+ Power required
Dead Messenger Catalyst Masterwork
37 completed
Obtain Catalyst (Master Vox Obscura)
+$30 $30
Priority ⚡️
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Being hailed as the Hard Light of Exotic Grenade Launchers, Dead Messenger is definitely an Exotic worth grinding for in Year 5.

Thanks to The Fundamentals Trait, Guardians can cycle through Solar, Arc, and Void damage types just by hitting the reload button. With the added perk of the Trinary Vision Intrinsic Trait, Dead Messenger can shoot three waves of either of the three main damage types.

Guardians can acquire this weapon by completing the "Kill the Messenger" Exotic Weapon Quest. Upon acquiring Dead Messenger, players can then access its Exotic Catalyst by completing the Vox Obscura mission on Master difficulty.

The Season Pass for Season of the Risen is required in order to unlock the Exotic Quest for Dead Messenger.

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