Manticore Catalyst

Manticore Exotic Catalyst
Manticore Catalyst
2 completed
50 Smg Targets Defeated While Airborne
+$5 $5
200 Calibration Data
+$200 $200
450 Targets Defeated
+$20 $20
Catalyst Masterwork
+$20 $20
Rank 22 Season Pass Boost
−$33 − $33
Priority ⚡️


The Manticore Catalyst is a rare and powerful item in the video game Destiny 2. It is an upgrade that can be applied to the Manticore weapon, a powerful sidearm that deals high damage and has a unique perk called "Living Flame."

To obtain the Manticore Catalyst, players must complete a series of challenges and objectives. These challenges can vary depending on the season and the current state of the game, but they typically involve completing certain activities, defeating powerful enemies, or completing special events.

Once players have completed the necessary challenges and obtained the Manticore Catalyst, they can apply it to their Manticore weapon to unlock its full potential. The Manticore Catalyst increases the weapon's damage and adds a new perk, called "Inferno's Wake," which causes enemies killed by the weapon to explode and deal additional damage to nearby enemies.

Overall, obtaining the Manticore Catalyst is a challenging but rewarding endeavor in Destiny 2. It requires dedication, skill, and perseverance, but the rewards are well worth it for players who are able to unlock the full potential of the Manticore weapon.

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