Chain of Command LMG

Chain of Command LMG
5 completed
Unlock via Crucible
+$75 $150
Unlock via Gambit
+$98 $195
Unlock via Strikes
+$98 $195
Priority ⚡️
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We are now three (3) months into Witch Queen and another new season is upon us.

Season 17: Season of the Haunted has arrived, which also means a new batch of Playlist Activity rewards and challenges.

If you felt the pain of having to last minute grind your Ritual Playlist Vendor ranks (Zavala, The Drifter, Lord Shaxx) , then this is your call to get a head start on it now.

The new Seasonal Ritual Playlist Weapon is a Machine Gun named Chain of Command. Guardians must reach Rank 16 with either of the three vendors mentioned above to obtain the weapon.

Additional triumphs and achievements will be required to obtain the Ritual Ornament for each individual Vendor.

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