5 Fallen intel collected
+$10 $10
Aksiniks, Bound by Honor confronted
+$10 $10
10 Spider bounties, 30 Challenging combatants, 8 Public events
+$30 $30
Grave investigated
+$10 $10
Defiled Reysk, the Waning Light defeated
+$10 $10
Priority ⚡️
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  • Bastion Exotic Fusion Rifle


Complete a series of quests to acquire this Exotic Fusion Rifle!

  • Speak with Saint-14 in the Tower
  • Collect 5 Fallen Intel in the Tangled Shore
  • Speak with Spider
  • Confront Aksiniks, Bound by Honor in Thieves Landing.
  • Kill 30 Challenging enemies, Complete 10 Spider bounties and Complete 8 Public Events.
  • Investigate the Grave in the lost sector the Trapper’s Cave.
  • Defeat Reysk, the Waning Light in The Hollowed Lair, Memento strike.
  • Speak with Saint-14 to complete the quest and acquire Bastion.

"It kills at 18m, and it's a cracked anti-shotgun killer. Ive been pairing it with Luna's as an energy but will keep trying other energies. It shoots 3 times. Imagine like Cerberus but with a charge time."

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  • All Saint-14 Quests finished
  • Devil's Ruin Sidearm acquired
  • 900+ Power Level
  • Completed the Completing an Impossible Task quest from Saint-14
  • Unlocked Corridors of Time
  • Shadowkeep DLC and Season of the Dawn Season Pass

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