Ruinous Effigy Exotic Rifle

ETA 1 day
Ruinous Effigy Exotic Rifle
71 completed
from $113
17 reviews
1 Means to an End + Interference
+$25 $25
25 Calcified Light
+$15 $15
15 Marionettes defeated
+$19 $19
18 Gambit or Reckoning completions
+$25 $25
100 Void kills
+$10 $10
25 Precision multikills
+$19 $19
Ruinous Effigy Catalyst Materwork
+$19 $19
Priority ⚡️


D2 Missive Exotic Quest is finally available along with a special Year 3 gun. This brand new Trace Rifle has two unique exotic perks Transmutation and Evolution. With final blows with this gun, you can transform enemies into void transmutation spheres. Sounds cool, but the coolest part is that anyone in your team can grab these spheres and use them as weapons. They have light attacks, heavy attacks, and can guard/drain nearby combatants.

You'll get:

  1. Ruinous Effigy Exotic Trace Rifle
  2. Means to an End Pinnacle Reward
  3. Interference mission on Io completed
  4. Io, Titan, Mars, and Mercury planetary Drops
  5. Infamy Rank points and Gambit rewards
  6. Masterworked Ruinous Effigy Catalyst (additional option)
  7. Chance to get another Exotic
  8. XP for your Season Pass
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Amazing! We finally did it! Thank you Fresco, great great work!
Danya was very quick and efficient. In under an hour he had my order filled and ready for me to rock with my new exotic. Strongly recommend.
Was really fast in 5 hours I got everything I recommend
Skater is great super chill, and just a great person. 15/10
Isaiah am****
Very fast good work!
Quick and efficient. Top notch as always
Efficient and patient.
AJ was fast, courteous, and completed all the tasks! Will definitely use again!
Excellent job. Very quick and did the job about 100 times faster than me. Thank you so much.
Great very fast service

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