Thorn Exotic Hand Cannon

Thorn Exotic Hand Cannon
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  • Thorn Exotic Hand Cannon


Thorn is a revamped Exotic Hand Cannon from the original D1. Its new perk Soul Devourer has made it even more lethal, granting a partial reload and a small damage boost whenever you grab the green orbs generated on kills, and it's still got the power you'd expect of a Weapon of Sorrow.

Thorn is also an essential part of a few big chapters of D2 lore, so you'll definitely want to acquire Thorn. To get it, you'll need to do an Exotic quest called Independent Study.

4.98 average
Isolate is efficient, friendly and as always super helpful 10/10 would recommend using him
Awesome service
Jay Fur****
I had an exotic quest that required a ton of PVP, which I don't play. I reached out to CarrySquad and not only did they offer this quest, they allow you to choose what level of progress is needed. I already had the first 3 steps completed, so I was only charged for the steps that I needed done. The process was very secure and personal. I had my own private chat with my booster Defeat and he jumped on and got the job done Immediately. Will definitely use them again.
Pineapple B***
You can’t say enough good things about Eject. Always choose him.
it was fun playing with uvova and learning mechanics and strategy
Once again Skater was insane. super quick and reliable 15/10
Fast, easy and friendly as always
Tay Mo****
Amazing as always!
Great service, excellent runner
absolutely amazing. Thank you so much

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