Starhorse and Xur Bounties

30th Anniversary
24 completed
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Daily Xur Bounties
+$15 $15
Daily Starhorse Bounties
+$25 $25
Weekly Starhorse Bounties
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Starhorse Bounty Rewards

  • XP
  • Glimmer
  • Possible Rewards
    • Paraversal Hauls (NG)
    • Exotic Gear (NG)
    • Legendary Gear (NG)
    • Strange Coins (NG)
    • Treasure Keys (NG)
    • Enhancement Cores (NG)

NOTE: This rewards list is based on the first week of the event. Rewards/rewards list may change after reset on December 14th.

NG = Not Guaranteed


The 30th Anniversary brings a new and old vendor to the foray. Meet with Xur and the Starhorse on the newest destination, Eternity to collect bounties and unlock unlock exclusive rewards.

From armor ornaments for each class, to shaders, and special weapons, completing Starhorse and Xur bounties will grant you currency to obtain all of the above.

Don't wait too long as its not known how long Eternity will be available as a destination.

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Xur Bounties (Daily and Additional) completed in Dares of Eternity:

  • Complete 1x Dares of Eternity.
  • Defeat 4x champions. -Defeat 30x enemies with kinetic weapons. -Defeat enemies with Arc damage; Arc melee kills grant more progress.

Starhorse Bounties

  • Pulse of Combat

    • Pulse rifle final blows (rapid kills add more progress.
    • Get a score of 160,000 points.
  • Laser Tag

    • Trace rifle final blows; rapid kills add more progress.
    • Get a score of 160,000 points.
  • Double Barrel

    • Shotgun final blows; rapid kills add more progress.
    • Get a score of 160,000 points.
  • Old-Fashioned Way

    • Charged/uncharged melee kills.
    • Kinetic weapon kills.
  • Get a score of 180,000 points.

    • Bring The Overkill
    • Super kills.
  • Elemental final blows (must disintegrate enemies upon death).

    • Get a score of 180,000 points.
  • Match Game – Weekly bounty that has to be done in Legend difficulty:

    • Void, Arc, or Solar weapon kills that match your current subclass.
    • Power weapon kills.
    • Get a score of 300,000 points

If you have questions

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