Rivensbane Raid Seal

Rivensbane Last Wish Seal Destiny 2
109 completed
from $15
33 reviews
Coliseum Champion
+$15 $15
+$99 $99
Summoning Ritual
+$15 $15
Clan Night: Last Wish
+$99 $99
The New Meta
+$139 $139
O Murderer Mine
+$79 $79
Strength of Memory
+$15 $15
Petra's Run (NO SELF-PLAY)
+$119 $149
Keep Out
+$15 $15
+$99 $99
Night Owl
+$99 $99
Forever Fight
+$15 $15
Habitual Wisher
+$29 $29
Put a Flag on It
+$9 $9
Treasure Trove
+$59 $59
Priority ⚡️
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  1. Chance to obtain Raid: Last Wish badge
  2. Last Wish Raid Gear and Weapons
  3. Chance to obtain One Thousand Voices


Acquire the Last Wish seal, Rivensbane, with the help of CarrySquad. Select all triumphs you need completed, and our expert team will help you take care of the rest.

5.00 average
Very efficient
Awesome experience, got it do r before I got home from an event this morning. Highly recommend
Mara Sov’s New Playt****
Great service from timka
Sionex7 Was a great in my raid
Super quick and let me know what to do actually POG Gamer
I am in amazed with the quickness, professionalism and expertise of the Boosters. This is the best service out of them all, by far!
Awesome, took a lot of his time to give his best shot (+4h), took his time to give awesome advice while talking and playing, 1,000 times recommended
Emilio All****
Excellent performance
Highly recommend 10/10
Emilio All****
Excellent performance

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