Descendant Seal

Deep Stone Crypt
1251+ Power
Destiny 2 Descendent Deep Stone Crypt Seal
88 completed
from $31
24 reviews
Deep Stone Crypt
+$31 $31
Clan Night: Deep Stone Crypt
+$45 $45
Control Group
+$45 $45
Electric Sheep
+$45 $45
+$45 $45
Freezing Point
+$45 $45
Devoid of the Rest
+$45 $45
+$31 $31
Not a Scratch
+$19 $19
Rock Bottom
+$29 $29
Red Rover
+$25 $25
Resource Contention
+$19 $19
Copies of Copies
+$25 $25
5 Seconds to Paradise
+$25 $25
Of All Trades
+$39 $39
Short Circuit
+$35 $35
The Core Four
+$19 $19
Ready, Set, Go!
+$35 $35
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  1. Deep Stone Crypt

    • Complete the “Deep Stone Crypt”
  2. Control Group

    • Complete all raid encounters with a fireteam made entirely of the same Guardian class
  3. Electric Sheep

    • Complete all raid encounters with a fireteam made entirely of Arc subclasses
  4. Meltdown

    • Complete all raid encounters with a fireteam made entirely of Solar subclasses
  5. Freezing Point

    • Complete all raid encounters with a fireteam made entirely of Stasis subclasses
  6. Devoid of the Rest

    • Complete all encounters with an entire fireteam of Void subclasses
  7. Cryptkeeper

    • Loot hidden chests in the “Deep Stone Crypt” raid
  8. Not a Scratch

    • Bring all Pikes from the starting heat bubble to the final heat bubble.
    • Exotic Raid Sparrow Retrocausality reward
  9. Rock Bottom

    • Collect all Exo Stranger logs
    • Exotic Raid Ghost Shell No Love Lost reward
  10. Resource Contention

    • Shut down Crypt security while only using 2 of the 3 augmentation terminals
  11. 5 Seconds to Paradise

    • Defeat Atraks-1 while destroying all Servitors within 5 seconds of each other
  12. Ready, Set, Go!

    • Defeat Taniks, the Abomination while activating pairs of conduit nodes within 5 seconds of each other.
  13. The Core Four

    • Complete “The Core Four” challenge.
  14. Short Circuit

    • Confront Taniks while depositing all 4 nuclear cores within 10 seconds of each other.


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  • 1251+ Power Level. If your character has a lower Power Level please use our fast Power Leveling service
  • Deep Stone Crypt Raid unlocked

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