Seasonal Challenges Week 8

Season of the Risen
Crushed Spirits
+$40 $40
Vow of the Disciple Challenge/Weapon Recipe
+$150 $150
Pinnacle Base Power Level 1560
+$615 $615
Seasonal Calibration
+$12 $12
Serpentine Skin
+$380 $380
Priority ⚡️
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Witch Queen has finally launched and so has a new Season!

Season 16: Season of the Risen is officially upon us which also means the return of fresh Seasonal Challenges.

If you felt the pain having to play catch up with Season 12-15 Seasonal Challenges, now is a good time to knock out week one and get off to a strong start.

Week 1’s challenges are pretty straightforward and doable solo. However, do keep in mind that as we are still in the beginning of the Power Level reset, many enemies may be Power Level 1390+ for some activities/areas.

Additionally, purchase of the Season Pass may be required for completion of some challenges.

Completing these challenges are another great way of pushing through the Season Pass, and leveling up to the soft cap.

New challenges drop every Tuesday for the weekly reset, so be sure to check back!

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Crushed Spirits Prevent Lucent Hive from resurrecting by crushing their Ghosts.

“Vow of the Disciple” Challenge Complete a “Vow of the Disciple” raid challenge in Savathun’s Throne World and acquire a raid weapon recipe.

Pinnacle Reach Power Level 1,560 by earning pinnacle rewards.

Seasonal Calibration Calibrate Glaives, Hand Cannons, and Rocket Launchers. Bonus progress awarded for Glaive use and defeating Guardians.

Serpentine Skin Acquire the Serpentine Skin ornament for Reckless Endangerment

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