Brave Arsenal: The Recluse

Iconic PvP Pinnacle SMG
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The Recluse: Destiny 2's Iconic PvP Pinnacle SMG

The Recluse, a pinnacle submachine gun in Destiny 2, has earned its status as one of the most sought-after weapons in the game. Known for its unparalleled performance in both PvE and PvP content, The Recluse has become a staple in many Guardians' arsenals.

How to Obtain The Recluse:

To add this powerful SMG to your collection, you must reach Fabled rank (2100 Glory) in the Competitive Crucible playlist. This feat requires skill, dedication, and persistence, as you battle against other Guardians in intense PvP matches. Once you've reached Fabled, visit Lord Shaxx in the Tower to claim your reward.

Perks and Performance:

The Recluse boasts unique perks that synergize perfectly with its aggressive frame archetype. The key perk, "Master of Arms," grants increased damage after a kill with any weapon, turning The Recluse into a lightning-fast killing machine.

In PvE, The Recluse excels at clearing waves of enemies, thanks to its high rate of fire and damage boost from Master of Arms. It's particularly effective against smaller enemies and can hold its own against tougher foes when paired with a strong kinetic weapon.

In PvP, The Recluse shines in close-quarters engagements, boasting a fast time-to-kill and forgiving aim assist. Its lightweight frame allows for quick movement and strafing, making it an excellent choice for aggressive playstyles. Tips for Reaching Fabled:

  • Focus on teamwork and communication with your fireteam
  • Adapt your loadout to counter the enemy team's strategies
  • Practice good positioning and map awareness
  • Utilize cover effectively and disengage when necessary
  • Stay resilient and learn from your mistakes

Service Description

Unlock the Crucible Pinnacle weapon The Recluse and dominate in PvP. Our expert Destiny 2 coaches will provide you with proven tips, loadout recommendations, and strategies to help you rapidly advance in Competitive playlist ranks and reach Fabled. Play with our squad to improve your skill and discover more of Destiny 2 anytime.

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