Brave Arsenal: Hung Jury SR4

Legendary Scout Rifle
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Destiny 2's Hung Jury SR4 is a legendary scout rifle that has earned its place in the hearts of many Guardians. This high-impact, precision weapon is known for its versatility, reliability, and potential for god-rolled perks, making it a top choice for PvE content.

How to Obtain Hung Jury SR4:

Hung Jury SR4 is exclusive to Nightfall: The Ordeal strikes. To add this scout rifle to your collection, you must complete Nightfall strikes and hope for a drop. Higher difficulty tiers, such as Master and Grandmaster, increase your chances of receiving Hung Jury SR4 as a reward. The coveted Adept version, featuring enhanced stats and perk options, is obtainable from Grandmaster Nightfalls.

Perks and Performance:

What sets Hung Jury SR4 apart is its potential for incredible perk combinations. Some of the most sought-after perks include:

  • Rapid Hit: Increases stability and reload speed on precision hits
  • Explosive Payload: Projectiles create an area-of-effect explosion on impact
  • Firefly: Precision kills create an explosion, dealing solar damage to nearby enemies
  • Box Breathing: Aiming down sights for a short time increases range and precision damage

These perks, combined with the high-impact frame's long-range precision, make Hung Jury SR4 a formidable weapon in PvE activities like raids, dungeons, and Nightfall strikes.

Tips for Farming Hung Jury SR4:

  • Assemble a fireteam to tackle higher-difficulty Nightfalls
  • Coordinate champion mods and elemental damage to optimize your team's effectiveness
  • Utilize cover and prioritize staying alive over risky engagements
  • Equip mods that increase your chances of earning Legendary rewards
    • Be persistent and patient, as god-rolls may take time to acquire

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Expand your arsenal with the legendary Hung Jury SR4 scout rifle. Our expert Destiny 2 PvE coaches will provide you with proven strategies, loadout advice and combat tips to conquer Grandmaster Nightfalls and master endgame PvE content. Through our detailed video guides and 1-on-1 coaching sessions, you'll learn the techniques to tackle the toughest Lost Sectors, complete Nightfalls and earn a chance at Hung Jury SR4 drops. Build the skills and knowledge to farm Grandmaster Nightfalls and add random-rolled Hung Jury SR4 (Adept) scout rifles to your collection.

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