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Hullabaloo: The Unexpected Hero of Destiny 2's Heavy Slot

The Heavy Grenade Launcher slot in Destiny 2 has long been dominated by the raw power of Rocket Launchers and Linear Fusion Rifles. But with the recent buffs to Wave Frame Grenade Launchers, a surprising contender has emerged: the Hullabaloo. This unassuming grenade launcher might not have the explosive punch of its counterparts, but it offers a unique blend of utility and surprising damage potential.

A Wave of Change:

Wave Frame Grenade Launchers fire a wide detonation wave that travels a short distance. While many initially dismissed them as niche options, Bungie's recent buff significantly increased their damage and blast radius. This buff has breathed new life into the archetype, and Hullabaloo stands out as a particularly interesting choice.

Hullabaloo's Hidden Talents:

Hullabaloo boasts a unique combination of perks that cater to different playstyles:

  • Ad Clear Maestro: For those focused on mowing down mobs of enemies, perks like Voltshot and Chain Reaction create a devastating chain lightning effect, clearing out entire groups with ease.
  • DPS Surprise: Don't underestimate Hullabaloo's damage potential. Perks like Envious Assassin and Cascade Point can dish out surprising burst damage against bosses, especially when combined with weapon damage buffs and debuffs.
  • Crowd Control King: Impulse Amplifier and Chain Reaction turn Hullabaloo into a crowd control powerhouse in PvP. The wide detonation wave and chaining lightning effects can disrupt enemy formations and secure objective zones.

Finding Your Perfect Hullabaloo:

The beauty of Hullabaloo lies in its perk variety. Here are some potential god roll combinations for different playstyles:

  • Ad Clear : Voltshot + Chain Reaction (Masterwork for Velocity)
  • Boss DPS : Envious Assassin + Cascade Point (Masterwork for Magazine)
  • PvP : Impulse Amplifier + Chain Reaction (Masterwork for Blast Radius)

The Verdict: A Viable Heavy Option:

While Hullabaloo might not dethrone Rocket Launchers entirely, it offers a compelling alternative for Guardians seeking a more versatile Heavy option. Its utility in ad clear, surprising boss damage, and crowd control capabilities in PvP make it a weapon worth considering. So, next time you're filling your Heavy slot, give Hullabaloo a chance. You might be surprised by the wave of destruction it unleashes.

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