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First debuting in the 2020 Guardian Games, the Exotic Machine Gun, Heir Apparent made quite an entrance. If you missed the lengthy Triumph grind for this weapon when it first dropped, and that rare instance when it was for sale in the Exotic Weapon vault, now is your time to get your hands on this exclusive "seasonal" weapon.

Gone are the days of the grinding through Guardian Games Triumphs to unlock the weapon; Bungie has instead offered a short (and easy) quest to obtain Heir Apparent.

With two noteworthy perks, such as: Heavy Slug Thrower, which, after it's fully spun up fires a hail of bullets, and Armor of the Colossus, which grants you a powerful Arc shield if the gun is spun up at full health, you really don't want to miss out on grabbing this gun.

Players have until weekly reset on May 24th to complete all Guardian Games 2022 activities and to obtain the relevant weapons.

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  • Must complete Eva Levante's Intro Quest: "The Games Begin", to gain access to the Guardian Games events.

    • Pick up 100 Laurels and buy a Contender Card.
    • Must be wearing your Guardian Games 2022 class item.
  • Complete the "Wreathed in Laurels" Exotic Questline to obtain Heir Apparent.

Step One:

  • Earn 50 Laurels

Step Two:

  • Machine-Gun Focused
    • Defeat 100 enemies with a machine gun in the Daily Focus playlist.

Step Three:

  • Return to Eva Levante to receive Heir Apparent.

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