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Guardian Games All-Stars Memento


Shine Bright: The Guardian Games All-Stars Memento Awaits!

The Guardian Games are upon us once again, Guardians! A time for friendly competition, showcasing class pride, and earning some truly unique rewards. This year, the spotlight shines on the Guardian Games All-Stars Memento, a coveted cosmetic item that lets you personalize your arsenal with a touch of Guardian Games flair.

More Than Just a Shader:

The All-Stars Memento isn't your typical shader. This dynamic effect pulsates with the vibrant colors of the Guardian Games – red, blue, and gold. It seamlessly adapts to the weapon you apply it to, creating a truly eye-catching visual. Imagine your favorite pulse rifle shifting from fiery red to icy blue, or your trusty scout rifle shimmering with a golden sheen.

How to Earn Your All-Stars Memento:

The All-Stars Memento isn't handed out freely. It requires dedication and participation in the Games! Thankfully, the acquisition process is straightforward:

  • Rack Up Those Medallions: Throughout the event, participate in Guardian Games activities like Strikes, Crucible matches, and playlist completions. These will reward you with valuable Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Medallions.
  • Cash In Your Medallions: Head to Eva Levante in the Tower and deposit your hard-earned Medallions. Each deposit offers a chance to snag the All-Stars Memento, with Diamond Medallions guaranteeing its drop.
  • Grind or Focus? The Choice is Yours: For some Guardians, grinding activities and accruing a large number of Medallions might be the strategy. Others might prefer to bank fewer Medallions, focusing on acquiring Diamonds for a guaranteed chance at the Memento.

A Memento of Glory:

The All-Stars Memento isn't just a cool cosmetic – it's a badge of honor. It signifies your participation in the Guardian Games and your contribution to your chosen class. So, fight alongside your fellow Guardians, rack up those Medallions, and claim your All-Stars Memento. Let your weapon be a testament to your skill and a reminder of the epic Games you fought through!

Pro Tip: Remember, Guardian Games is a marathon, not a sprint. Pace yourself, participate in activities you enjoy, and most importantly, have fun! The All-Stars Memento awaits, and with dedication, it will soon adorn your arsenal.

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You need to participate in the event and earn in-game rewards.

  • Participation in Guardian Games Activities: You need to play Strikes, Crucible matches, playlists, or other Guardian Games activities to earn Medallions (Gold, Platinum, Diamond).
  • Medallions are the Key: Earning and depositing these Medallions at Eva Levante in the Tower is how you get a chance to acquire the Memento.
  • Diamond Medallions Guarantee It: While depositing any Medallions offers a chance, Diamond Medallions are the only ones that guarantee the All-Stars Memento drop.

So, you do need to dedicate some playtime to the Guardian Games and earn those in-game rewards.

If you have questions

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