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The Allstar Vector Skimmer
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Gear Up and Glide On: The Allstar Vector Skimmer Takes Flight in Guardian Games 2024

The Guardian Games are back, Guardians! This year, the friendly competition between the classes gets a whole new dimension – literally. Buckle up, because Bungie has introduced a brand-new vehicle: the Allstar Vector Skimmer!

That's right, say goodbye to just zooming around on your Sparrow. Now, you can shred through the open world and patrol zones in style with a sleek, maneuverable skimmer.

How to snag your Allstar Vector Skimmer:

The skimmer is available to all players, free of charge, as part of the Guardian Games introductory quest. Here's a quick rundown of how to get yours:

  • Head to the Tower and chat with Eva Levante.
  • Pick up the "Best in Class" quest and grab your Guardian Games class item.
  • Complete a Supremacy match or a Guardian Games playlist activity to earn your first Medallion.
  • Return to Eva and she'll hand you a Medallion case – perfect for storing your hard-earned loot.
  • Deposit your Medallions and claim your first Guardian Games 2024 challenge.

The Future of Transportation in Destiny 2?

The Allstar Vector Skimmer adds a whole new layer of fun and strategic movement to Destiny 2. While Sparrows will likely remain a trusty steed for some Guardians, the skimmer offers a fresh take on traversal, particularly in tight spaces or for close-quarters combat approaches.

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a new Lightbearer, the Allstar Vector Skimmer is a must-have for Guardian Games 2024. So jump in, Guardian, and get ready to dominate the competition (and explore the world) in style!

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The skimmer is available to all players, free of charge, as part of the Guardian Games introductory quest.

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