Adored Sniper Rifle - Gambit Path

Beyond Light required
Adored Sniper Rifle
10 completed
from $109$127
5 reviews
300 Precision Blows
+$31 $39
3 Infamy ranks
+$40 $40
250 Points
+$29 $39
5 Guardians
+$9 $9
20 Blockers
+$9 $9
Rubicund Wrap Crucible Ornament
+$69 $99
Snakeskin Wrap Gambit Ornament
+$69 $99
Balistraria Wrap Vanguard Ornament
+$69 $99
Priority ⚡️


  1. Adored Ritual Sniper Rifle BASE weapon
  2. Path of Gambit Quest completed
  3. Three Infamy Ranks
  4. Legendary Gambit Weapons and Gear
  5. A chance to get new Exotic
  6. Adored Sniper Rifle additional Ornament (see additional options)
  7. Tons of Glimmer, Tokens, and consumables
  8. Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact level
4.80 average
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Excellent, fast service. Will definitely use again.
Sinoex7 = Ama****
Awesome and kept me updated

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  • Beyond Light Expansion

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