Adept Uzume RR4

Season of the Wish
✦ 1815+ Power required
Adept Uzume RR4 - Solar Sniper
1 completed
Priority ⚡️
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Forge a blazing legend with the Adept Uzume RR4, a Solar sniper rifle born from the fires of Omolon's ingenuity. This weapon, honed to Adept perfection, carves through the battlefield with precision and scorching might.

Conquer the Crucible, dominate raids, and leave your mark on the battlefields of Destiny 2 with the Adept Uzume RR4. This is not just a weapon, it's a statement.

Limited Availability: As an Adept weapon, the Uzume RR4 is only obtainable through challenging Grandmaster Nightfalls. Claim yours before it fades into legend!

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