Cold War Weapon Unlocks

Season 2
Groza - Assault Rifle
+$40 $40
Mac-10 - SubMachine Gun
+$40 $40
CARV.2 - Tactical Rifle
+$40 $40
ZRG 20mm - Sniper Rifle
+$40 $40
AMP63 - Pistol
+$50 $50
Streetsweeper - Shotgun
+$40 $40
Sledgehammer - Melee
+$70 $70
Wakizashi - Melee
+$50 $50
E-Tool - Melee
+$50 $50
Machete - Melee
+$50 $50
Baseball Bat - Melee
+$50 $50
Priority ⚡️


  1. Unlock any weapon of your desire
  2. Assault Rifles
    • Groza
  3. SubMachine Guns
    • Mac-10
  4. Shotguns
    • Streetsweeper
  5. Melee Weapons
    • Sladgehammer
    • Wakizashi
    • E-Tool
    • Machete


Unlock your preferred weapons with CarrySquad. Simply select the weapons you need unlocked, and our expert team will help you take care of the rest, ensuring that you can play with the weapon you prefer.

How does the service work

  • Once you place your order, you will be redirected to your personal Service Dashboard and receive a notification link to your email
  • Your CarryAssistant chatbot will assign an available booster who suits best for your order within minutes, literally
  • Booster will join your Dashboard chat and from now on you are in safe hands
  • No waiting and unnecessary chatting with managers, unless you have any questions
  • When the order will be finished, you CarryAssistant will notify you immediately via your Dashboard and an email
  • If you choose Self-Play option, your booster will plan the service according to your time schedule
  • We don’t use any programs or cheats during boosts. All services are done by hands


Must own Cold War

If you have questions

Feel free to ask any questions in our chat. We are glad to help you, and our Squad will always find you the best service and the deadliest gun for your Guardian!