Thorn Exotic Hand Cannon
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  • Thorn Exotic Hand Cannon
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Thorn is a revamped Exotic Hand Cannon from the original Destiny. Its new perk Soul Devourer has made it even more lethal, granting a partial reload and a small damage boost whenever you grab the green orbs generated on kills, and it's still got the power you'd expect of a Weapon of Sorrow.

Thorn is also an essential part of a few big chapters of Destiny lore, so you'll definitely want to acquire Thorn. To get it, you'll need to do an Exotic quest called Independent Study.

5.00 average
Jake Me****
Awesome service
Great fast service as always Reaction is the man
qchon was a beast on thorn, thanks
How Dare You (****
Very good and friendly
Did a fantastic job. Helped with very individual requests pertaining to the quests. Would recommend and request him in the future.
DR Poseid****
Awesome person to work with, will look into requesting him again. Thank you!
So Much****
Amazing skill. Super fast
TrashCans R****
Absolute professional. Did everything that I asked of him and some! Watching his stream was better then watching a movie. 12/10 will return and use this booster!
Thank you. Perfect service as always. Got thorn in a few hours!
Very pleasant. Very fast! Will definitely use again when needed.