What’s Happening This Week in Destiny? (September 12 - 19)

Everything you need to know about the September 12 Destiny 2 Reset.

What’s Happening This Week in Destiny? (September 12 - 19)
Destiny 2 The Final Shape 

The days roll on, and it is once again time for Destiny 2’s weekly reset, where weekly events begin, weekly rotators make like their name and rotate, and the Crucible changes up its playlist. There’s a decent amount to go over, so prepare yourself, Guardian.

Heist Battleground: Europa

Grandmaster Nightfall Strikes begin this week. As some of the most difficult end-game content, these strikes also reward some of the best items in the game. The Grandmaster Strike for this week is Heist Battleground: Europa, where guardians will face off against Xivu Arath as they fight to retrieve the data of the Submind Kernel.

Jump into the Crucible for Supremacy and Momentum Control

The Crucible playlist consists of Supremacy and Momentum Control this week. The Supremacy game mode has Guardians killing enemies and attempting to collect the crest that falls when they die. Each death and collected crest rewards your team with a point, and the first to 150 points wins the match. Momentum Control is a more tactical-focused game mode, where motion trackers are disabled, and abilities only refresh after taking down an enemy. Scoring is similar to Control, however taking over control points is faster, and enemies killed while holding a point awards a higher score.

Earn the Dead Man's Tale with Presage, this week's exotic rotator

Last but not least are the weekly rotators. The weekly raid is the Vault of Glass, which sees your fireteam delve deep into the vault to vanquish Aetheon, Time’s Conflux. The weekly dungeon is the Shattered Throne, where your fireteam enters the Throne World of Queen Mara Sov with the intention of dethroning Dûl Incaru, the Eternal Return. Finally, the weekly Exotic Mission is Presage, which awards guardians with the exotic scout rifle Dead Man’s Tale, along with other Legendary Beyond Light weapons such as Bump in the Night and Firefright.

That brings us to the end of the weekly turnover, but with the Final Shape release date at the edge of the horizon, it’s certain that we’ll be hearing a lot more from Destiny 2 in the near future. Good luck out there Guardians.