Destiny 2: The Final Shape – A Deep Dive into a New Era

Delve into the depths of Destiny 2's The Final Shape expansion. Explore the new raid, Salvation's Edge, master Strand subclasses, and uncover the secrets of the Pale Heart. Your ultimate guide to the new era of Destiny 2.

The Final Shape - Salvations' Edge. Credit: Bungie
Salvations' Edge

The Final Shape is not just the latest expansion for Destiny 2, it's a paradigm shift.  This isn't just about wrapping up a saga, but about evolving the game's core experience. Let's delve into what this week brought, and what the near future holds within the Pale Heart and beyond.

Salvation's Edge: More Than Just a Raid

Yes, it's the World First race everyone's buzzing about, but Salvation's Edge is narratively significant too. It's not merely a boss rush, but a journey through a Pyramid ship like we've never seen before.

  • Radiant Strand: A new mechanic unique to the raid, players harness Strand's power in unexpected ways, solving puzzles and overcoming environmental hazards.
  • Shifting Spaces: The Pyramid's interior warps and changes, requiring adaptation and communication between fireteam members.
  • Final Encounter Spectacle: Without spoilers, the Witness confrontation is visually unlike anything in prior raids, pushing the game's engine to its limits.

This isn't just about loot (though that's fantastic), it's about experiencing Destiny's narrative climax firsthand.

Pale Heart: A Destination, Not Just a Map

This new patrol zone is dense with secrets. Beyond the main campaign missions, there are:

  • Memory Fragments: Collectibles that expand on characters' backstories and the wider Destiny lore.
  • Hidden Platforms: Traversal challenges that reward adept Strand users.
  • Weekly Missions: Evolving tasks that provide unique rewards and insights into the Traveler's inner workings.

It's a place to get lost in, not just rush through, rewarding exploration in classic Destiny fashion.

Strand Meta Evolution: Beyond the Aspects

While the new Aspects are potent, it's the combination with existing gear that's exciting.

  • Warlock Starfire Protocol: Synergy with new Threadling Grenade for near-infinite damage potential.
  • Hunter Threaded Specter: Now a top-tier roaming Super, especially with Gyrfalcon's Hauberk exotic.
  • Titan Flechette Storm: Pair with Abeyant Leap for crowd control that rivals Warlocks.

Buildcrafting is revitalized, encouraging experimentation we haven't seen since early Lightfall.

Week 2: Trials Return, But With a Twist

Trials of Osiris is back, but not unchanged. Expect:

  • New Map: Rumored to be a Vex-themed arena, demanding different strategies than previous maps.
  • Adept Weapon Changes: No longer tied solely to Flawless, making them more accessible to dedicated players.
  • Mystery Exotic Mission: Dataminers hint at a Stasis-themed quest, but details are scarce, building hype.

This ain't your grandpa's Trials, it's aiming to be a core part of the endgame again.

Beyond The Final Shape: The Episode System

Starting in 2024, we're ditching seasons. Episodes are longer, story-focused chunks of content.  Imagine the Witch Queen's narrative spread out over months, with activities evolving alongside it.  This is Destiny aiming for sustained engagement, not just hype spikes.