Everything there is to know about Bound in Sorrow

An overview of the Seasonal Quest line for Destiny 2

Everything there is to know about Bound in Sorrow

Calus has returned, aboard their dread vessel, the Leviathan. Some strange power of darkness has allowed them to summon Nightmares from the moon, and all may seem lost. And yet there are those willing to strike at the heart of darkness, though it means they themselves will have to stare into the void. And the void will stare back. And it will be studying you guardian, so if you want to help drive back the nightmares and thwart Calus’s plans, you’ll need to be just as prepared. As we’ve reached the third week of Bound in Sorrow, the seasonal questline for Season of the Haunted, we can use what has happened to extrapolate what may occur. Who knows, it might just keep you alive.

Creating a Bound Presence is required to access Sever.

So far, all three weeks of Bound in Sorrow have followed a similar formula. First, your guardian goes to chat with Eris to learn what’s going on this week, then they hand over 500 Vestiges of Dread, a seasonal currency obtainable from a number of activities, such as Nightmare Containment, the Crucible, Gambit and others. The step serves two purposes. One purpose is as a facilitator of the next step, but it serves mainly as a way to make sure that you aren’t blowing through the content too quickly but it’s only a minor speedbump before getting to the first real step of the week, creating a bound presence. To do this, your guardian will need to complete 3 tiers of Nightmare Containment, at which point your guardian will be able to deposit the 500 Vestiges of Dread you obtained to gain a Bound Presence. Obtaining a Bound presence allows your guardian to gain access to the current phase of Sever.

Sever is the largest part of the Bound in Sorrow quest. A new part has come out for each week of Bound in Sorrow, currently the three that have been released are Shame, Reconciliation and Grief. Your guardian gets an NPC helper, Crow for the first two missions, and Zavala for the latest mission. The first quest with the NPC fails due to ghosts of their past, and their second quest lets them overcome their past and have a moment of character development in the spotlight. But after any Sever quest, you get to talk to your helper before returning to Eris to bring them up to date on the mission.

A conversation with Zavala after Sever: Grief

Bound in Sorrow is in no way close to finishing. The quest is a gigantic 51 steps long, and the three current weeks only number 20. With so much yet to come, and with so much on the line, your guardian will want everything they can get in the coming fight against the darkness.