Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Rewards and New Solo Queue

Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris is now live, play with CarrySquad to get Adept Sola's Scar or try out the new Solo Freelance mode.

Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Rewards and New Solo Queue

Trials of Osiris is now live in Destiny 2, and Guardians can dive into the endgame PvP event this week with a new addition - Freelance Mode. Now Guardians can take on this challenging event solo, with no fireteams allowed.

Bungie has continued to try and make improvements to Trials of Osiris, experimenting with different ways to make the game mode more accessible to all players. The previous changes allowed players to queue for Trials solo, where they would be matched with a fireteam. This still presented issues though, as solo players have reported getting demolished - and even targeted - by experienced fireteams who use their advantage to sweep the field.

PvP in Destiny 2

The new Freelance mode allows Guardians to be matched into teams of 3, with each team consisting of solo players. No pre-made fireteams will be able to queue, hopefully leveling the playing field for those who don't have a full fireteam. This mode is still experimental, and players can continue to queue for the classic Trials with or without fireteams.

This week, Guardians can take on Trials of Osiris on The Cauldron map. As always, each Trials reputation rank comes with its own rewards, including Eye of Sol, Igneous Hammer, and for those who achieve a Flawless run, you'll get the Adept Sola's Scar Solar Sword. Don't stop there though, as you can continue to turn in Trials cards for additional rewards, or even reset your rank to get additional weapons like The Messenger Pulse Rifle.

Sola's Scar (Adept) 

For Guardians looking to gear up before hitting PvP, Xur makes his weekly return today. You can find him in Watcher's Grave this week, carrying Graviton Lance, Oathkeeper, Ursa Furiosa, and Lunafaction Boots. The Graviton Lance is a Pulse Rifle with the Exotic Perk Black Hole, which causes the second shot in a burst to rip a hole in time itself, causing massive damage and no recoil falloff. Hunters can grab the Oathkeeper arms with the exotic perk Adamantine Brace, which allows Hunters to hold bow charges indefinitely. Titans can pick up the Ursa Furiosa arms with the perk Ursine Guard, which causes the Titan to move faster when Sentinel Shield is active, and converts guarded damage to Super energy. For Warlocks, the Lunafaction Boots come equipped with the Alchemical Etchings perk, which allows Warlock Rifts to gain increase reload speeds and improved effectiveness at long range.