Apex Legends Season 13 has arrived

Apex Legends: Saviors lasts from May 10th to August 10th.

Apex Legends Season 13 has arrived

It’s time to welcome in the newest season of Apex Legends: Saviors, which has just started today May 10th. Things are off to a fairly smooth start (apart from Loba’s tactical ability suffering from a bug not allowing her to teleport), most of the reports of which seem to center around Storm Point’s new POI, the Downed Beast. But every season start has their hiccups, and despite them Newcastle is already winning over long time Apex fans into considering him their main Legend. We’ve already gone over some of the bigger additions to this season before, but we’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s changing this season. And, now that people have gotten the chance to play Newcastle, they have some tips to learn from.

Newcastle focuses completely on defending your team

Newcastle is the first purely defense based Legend that the game has ever had, and the change in playstyle can take some getting used to. But, if you can start thinking like Newcastle, you can easily lead your team to victory. Let’s start with abilities.

Newcastle’s tactical ability is a mobile shield that will absorb incoming damage. The shield is split into two parts: the top half and the bottom half, and each break independently of each other but neither goes down easily. His passive ability allows you to drag your teammates to safety while reviving them. You also are able to shield your teammate with your revive shield, so make sure to grab the best one you can find.

Finally, Newcastle’s ultimate is a castle wall that he will slam down in a spot of your choosing. If you aim near your teammates, Newcastle will push himself to his limits and be able to jump a longer distance to shield them from harm. The wall slam knocks back enemies, and the wall itself is electrified, forcing your enemies to find a way around instead of through.

When queuing up as Newcastle it’s a good idea to keep four things in mind. First, Prioritize a midrange loadout. You want to stay close to the fray, but be able to create enough distance to keep it from being to easy to flank your defenses. Next, look for good defensive gear; every time a teammate goes down, you’re going to be the one running out to drag them to safety, so if you go down, everybody has a harder time getting back up. Third, leave the best offensive weapons for your allies, as their abilities will give them a lot more synergy for offensive strategies. All you really need is good enough gear to keep enemies away from your shields. Finally, look out for flanking; all your shields are directional, and legends that can disrupt the battle (Like Newcastle's sister Bangalore) can use the opportunity to get behind you and take out your team.

With a buff to defense, all Legends will be sturdier in a fight

But Newcastle isn’t the only change to Apex’s defensive game. Another series of changes revolves around headshots, and just how nasty they can be. The Kraber, the weapon of choice for the one shot headshot has been nerfed, both in terms of damage and headshot multiplier. Rare and Epic helmets have gotten a buff as well, making a one shot kill impossible in an increasing number of circumstances. But it’s not all bad news for sniper fans, as the passive ability Fortified will no longer apply to the Legend’s helmets. All in all it looks like the goal is to make defense both more important and more consistent between legends.

Apex Legends: Saviors is set to run from May 10th to August 10th, and it’s shaping up to be a thrilling three months. If you’re excited to jump back into the fray, you’ll want a crack team by your side, especially with the Season’s themes of teamwork and defense being so vital to success. We’ll see you on the drop ship legends!