Apex Legends' newest season 'Saviors' is almost here!

Apex Legend’s latest season, Saviors, starts May 10th

Apex Legends' newest season 'Saviors' is almost here!

It’s almost that time again. The season of Defiance is coming to a close, and Legends are gearing up for the season of Saviors, which will arrive on May 10th, according to the season trailer. So what can we expect from Season 13, and how much will line up with the multi-season spanning leak that we’ve previously seen?

The Season 13 Launch Trailer

The leak continues to be proven true, as the newest legend added to the roster is Newcastle, the shield bearing guardian called the Hero of Harris Valley. The season trailer showed a variety of narratively integrated versions of a possible move set, mainly revolving around defending against attacks and use of their shield. In addition, Newcastle was finally confirmed to be Bangalore’s long lost brother, Jackson Williams. The theory has been gaining traction since the initial leak, and it’s nice to have it confirmed. There is also a rumor going around that due to part of the story in the trailer, that Bangalore might be removed from the active roster of legends, though this has yet to be meaningfully confirmed, and the reveal of Newcastle’s identity throws the theory into question in the same video it is introduced.

Jackson Williams after taking the mantel of Newcastle

With all the fanfare of a new Legend, it’s easy to overlook the changes revealed to Storm Point in the trailer, but they’re nothing to scoff at. A tripped security protocol seems to have activated safe houses on the map, and if the trailer is to be believed, there seems to be quite a variety of weapons stashed away there, and that those weapons are trapped. The other new addition to the island is the downed beast, still hanging on to life after their fight in the trailer. The beast seemed to utilize some kind of breath weapon attack in the trailer, but its in-game actions have yet to be revealed.

An aerial view of Storm Point

With every new season comes a new battle pass and a fresh slate for Ranked matches, but in the upcoming season, things will be a little different. Respawn Entertainment has said that they are working on a complete rework of the ranking system for competitive matches, with the studio emphasizing the importance of teamwork in the new system, as teammates will ‘Rise and Fall through the ranks together.’ So far there’s been no word as to how these changes will effect gameplay, but with a gameplay reveal coming on May 2nd, any questions are sure to be answered within the coming days

All told it looks like Apex Legends is in for another exciting and thoroughly enjoyable season, and there’s still more yet to be revealed. Season 13: Saviors begins on May 10th, and with it’s changes to Ranked, it’ll be even more important to have a great team at your side. See you at Storm Point Legends.